Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whispers and Chances

What are the chances?  A trip to a new park, on a whim, on a whisper in my mind.  Little E begging to stay, just as others arrive at the park.  A conversation that I normally wouldn't start, only to find out that the grandma is raising her four grandsons.  Shared encouragement for two women deep in the responsibilities and rewards of being a on my first go 'round...she on her second.  Me, raised by my grandparents.  She, raising her grandchildren.

We came to the park beginning another day, each on our own.  We left the park, with our heads and hearts full...each getting a glimpse into the future through the stories we were willing to share.  Me, encouraged to never stop working on those relationships with my kiddos, even when I think I am too tired to go on one more day.  She, encouraged by seeing with her own two eyes that a grandma's tireless love can change a life forever, even if it happens just one day at a time.

What are the chances that these two women would make these unplanned visits to the very same park at the very same time?  And what are the chances that both would be so willing and open to share with a stranger?  And what are the chances that two timid followers of Him would decide to take Him at His word at the very same time and step out in faith?  What are the chances?

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