Thursday, December 29, 2011

My One Word for 2012

Have you heard about One Word?  Different people do it different ways, but the here's the simple explanation: think about what you want to accomplish in the next year and pick a word that will help you shape everything you do to accomplish your goals.  Doesn't it sound simple?  Easy, even?  It was pretty excruciating for me, but I think that is because I did it backwards.  I spent a bunch of time figuring out my word, and I am still working on setting up goals to ensure that the next year of my life lives up to my One Word.  There might be less strain on your brain if you had a few general goals in mind.  Then use those goals to help you search for the One Word that is going to define your life for the next 365 days.

Does that sound dramatic?  Good.  Because I think my One Word will bring some significant changes to my life.  Not necessarily all at once.  I'm picking One Word to shape an entire year, remember?  The changes will probably be subtle in the beginning.  But I'm hoping they will add up as the months go by, so that when I look back over 2012, there will be something in my life that is considerably different.     

My One Word for 2012 is:


(I made it a nice calm green color because when I typed it out in black it looked so harsh and unforgiving.)

It might seem like an odd choice; a boring choice; a very un-fun choice.  Not for me.  I'm excited!  I see the possibilities of this word guiding my year, and it makes me nearly giddy.  I'm planning out a focus for each month.  A way to apply this word to a different part of my life with each turn of the calendar page.  I'll share soon.  

Want to join me?  Sure you do.  We feel better when we have a purpose to our days and a focus for our time.  Set some goals.  Pick a word.  Make a plan.  Be ready for a change.  


Samantha Kelley said...

My word is Focused. Don't tell anyone though-I haven't written my post! I like the non-harsh green!

Mom Of E's said...

Maybe after a year of Discipline, I will be ready for Focused. :-) Thanks for the comment, Sam!

Alene said...

Love your word. So thankful you put it in green - it is a rather harsh word at times. Guess I better get my word on. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

I could definitely use some more discipline in my life. I think it would change everything for my heart. excited to see how this word plays out for you!

Sundi Jo said...

We could all use more discipline. Thanks for sharing. Found you on the oneword365 community website.. My word is RADICAL.

Grant Jenkins said...

Discipline... so tough. Excellent word choice. In a similar lane, mine is ORDER. I'm on the same page. Here's to a year of dying to ourselves!