Friday, December 30, 2011

Twelve months of...discipline??

I planned on waiting until New Year's Day to share the rough outline of my One Word for 2012, but I am just too excited to keep it all to myself!  Before starting this One Word journey, I would have agreed that spending a year of my life dedicated to discipline sounded like pure torture.  But, after all the hours (yes, hours) of time I've put into thinking about this, I'm convinced my experiences this upcoming year will be as far from torture as I could imagine.  In fact, I think they will be thrilling!

I have been out of the "normal" working world for more than eight years.  Not that I haven't worked; just not in a regular nine to five, get evaluated by a boss, set professional goals every year kind of job.  And, I've been at home full time for more than five of those eight years.  That has been a huge blessing for me and for my family, but it hasn't really kept me in the habit of making and tracking progress on goals.  I think that is what I am most excited about; setting goals and setting up people (my husband, aka Big D, and a close friend) to keep me accountable.

Here it is, folks.  A very rough outline of what aspect of discipline I will be focusing on each month.  Maybe seeing this will get the wheels turning in your head so you can find the perfect One Word for the next twelve months of your life.

  • January - Discipline in time with God
  • February - Discipline in marriage
  • March - Discipline in relationships with children
  • April - Discipline in homeschooling
  • May - Discipline in finances
  • June - Discipline with time/commitments
  • July - Discipline in health
  • August - Discipline with discipleship
  • September - Discipline with housework/organizing
  • October - Discipline in friendships
  • November - Discipline in giving thanks
  • December - Discipline in my priorities

So, that's the sketch of my 2012 through the lens of discipline.  What do you think?  Does discipline look a little more interesting now?  

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